“Ayurveda and Gau Vigyaan” are rich traditions of our country which are recognised all over the world for their health benefits. The Herbal Garden & Gaushala aim to rejuvenate the ayurvedic tradition and maximise its benefits.

Every root of every tree has medicinal value but appropriate education is required to correctly identify uses. To educate the students about our country’s rich tradition of “Ayurveda and Gau Vigyaan”, a herbal garden and a gau shala have been established in the Shiksha Bharati campus. A number of rare herbal plants, species have been planted in the herbal garden.

The Gaushala has 17 pure India bred cows and calf. The herbal garden also comprises of Navgrah Vatika, Nakshtra Vatika, Vaastu Vatika, Meditation Centre and an Acupressure Path where one can meditate and walk amidst a green, clean and healthy atmosphere. The purpose of this project is to educate the girls about the traditional art of “Ayurveda and Gauvigyan”.

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