Shiksha Bharati’s logo depicts the four-directional thrust of the divine weapon Vajra, which was crafted out of the unblemished bones offered alive by the great sage- scholar- scientist Dadhichi. He had done so on the request of gods who wanted to destroy the otherwise invincible demon Vritasura. A quatation is inscribed below the logo, it has special meaning Aatmano Mokshartham Jagat Hitay Ch.

Aatmano Mokshartham means the liberation of soul- the supreme goal of life is freedom (Moksha). The education which helps us to achieve this freedom is really true education. Jagat Hitay Ch means welfare of the world. The goal of the education is not just individual but also welfare of all countries of the world and all members of the society.

Conclusion- The human body is a combination of matter and spirit. Spirit is always superior to matter. Matter drags us down where as spirit lift us up. We at Shiksha Bharati impart the education, which provides equal opportunities to develop both matter and spirit.

Let us come together to instill those long cherished values among our children and youth to make India a glorious country- a place where people will live together in peace and happiness and ultimately serve human beings.

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